Why Choose an Good Finance Bank for Financial Services?

Many have heard of Croatia’s first fully mobile bank, but there are also citizens who have not encountered such a way of doing business before and are not familiar with this type of lending. In this way, we would like to present to you in more detail and outline the way in which Good Finance Bank operates and all the benefits offered through cooperation.

Good Finance Group is an international, multicultural and multilingual organization headquartered in Finland, providing financial services in 23 countries across Europe and the world. Good Finance Group has many years of experience in providing financial services and lending services, more precisely with a tradition since 2005. In addition to Croatia, Good Finance Group financial products are also available in: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain , Sweden, United Kingdom.

Mission of Good Finance Bank

Mission of Good Finance Bank

In its way of doing business, Good Finance Bank shows responsibility towards its customers. Support at all levels shows confidence and professionalism in the work. The mission of the bank is to help customers financially as soon as possible and with minimal conditions.

In this way, it enables a wider audience of quick loans, which they would not otherwise be able to obtain from another financial institution. It has become one of the leading organizations in the financing of short-term loans through the rapid process of resolving inquiries and the realization or quick and safe payment of money to customers.

Technology innovations by the Good Finance Group


Good Finance Group is a pioneer in financial technology and mobile lending. It pays great attention to the technological development of its services, all for the purpose of accessibility to customers and ease of lending. Evidence is that Good Finance Bank, part of the Good Finance Group, is the only bank in Croatia to offer fully online financial operations. He is continuously investing in new technologies and development.

Good Finance Bank offers its customers fast and easily accessible loans through any device, be it a PC, tablet or mobile phone. So completely from start to finish, ie from application to payment.

How Good Finance Bank Works

How Good Finance Bank Works

Fast, easy and secure financing is what Good Finance Bank provides. Fully audited and professional financial institution whose main objective is a satisfied customer. Specializes in online fast loans. They take care of their customers 24 hours a day, support via a free phone, social networks, live chat app, SMS and other channels. This shows how much is available and fully available and tailored to each potential user.

Good Finance Bank offers a quick and easy way out of crisis financial situations. Transparently shows the way of credit, without masked costs, traps, small letters and the like. Years of experience in providing financial services indicates a high level of trust among customers who show their loyalty. Customers who once use Good Finance Bank services become long-term customers and come back with every further need for credit.

Who are Good Finance Bank loans for?

These are really fast loans that can be used for any type of financing, whether it be closing an existing loan, credit card debt, education expenses, household expenses. Fast broad-based loans, that is, for all the living expenses that customers face.