Save Money Every Day

Save Money Every Day

Do you feel that your account is beginning to run out at the end of the month and you do not know exactly where the money has gone? You are not alone, there are many who feel the same way. Here are ten tips on how to save more in your everyday life.

Compare appointments


Find websites where you can compare the price of your insurance and electricity contracts with other suppliers. Can you lower the price by switching companies or gathering all the deals from the same supplier?

Sell ​​assets. Do you have a lot you don’t use? Sell ​​it on bid or sale sites like Tise or Finn.

Buy used and at the flea market. You get something that no one else has, and in addition you do the environment a favor by not buying everything new.

Buy large quantities


Shop more at the major grocery stores. It will be cheaper, more fun and more time efficient.

Bring lunch box. Eat leftovers from yesterday’s dinner for lunch instead of spending $ 100 a day in the canteen. Here we really talk about everyday savings.

Look over your subscriptions. Do you really need Netflix, HBO, Viasat, Allers AND Spotify? Many subscriptions make a lot of money together.

Loan books at the library. Instead of buying a bunch of pocket books, you can get a loan card and borrow books for free.

Travel by public transport


Instead, leave the car and travel collectively if possible. It gets cheaper and is kinder to the environment.

Exercise for free. Forget expensive gym memberships – take a stroll instead. Or why not do exercises on the carpet at home in the living room? It requires a little more discipline, but it’s free.

Open savings account. All the money you save on cutting into unnecessary expenses in everyday life can instead be deposited into a savings account.

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